A FEW words about us

Started as a provider of business cards to local clients we quickly grew into the national supplier of marketing products, apparel and printing coast to coast.

We are a family owned business which has both in house capabilites as well as distributed products. As a small business our ability to quickly adapt to changing needs of businesses both large and small has allowed us to grow alongside our clients. We have been able to add product lines to accomidate the ever changing needs of our client base with awesome results.

In addition to all of our efforts to help our clients we also believe in helping community wide. You can see our efforts outlined in our blog.

As we look to the future we see a massive amount of growth potential for our clients. We are excited to share this growth potential by working hand in hand with each of our clients to maximize profitablity and take your business well into the future.

our Skills

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    Our foundation lies in the printing industry where we mastered our craft.
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    Sharing of our knowledge and skills has allowed our clients to have massive growth.
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    Apparel is our latest venture which we have the expertise to do you right.

Our Team

Our CEO who has an eye for fashion and color works behind the scenes.
The face you most often see is our President and COO who heads the business development team.
Since the age of 7 our Vice President of Trends is our millenial who leads our team in keeping our product lines current.
One of our two webmasters who keeps our clients trending with their web prescense.
Donna is one of our designers who takes your art to the next level.She also has a passion for our environment.
DJ is our other webmaster who specializes in very complex websites which require intertwining databases with the web.
Dan is a workwear consultant for our line of construction apparel. He worked as an ironworker and most recently is now with the carpenters union.
Rosie is our VP of Human Relations. She is charged with keeping the peace and morale. She also moonlights as a therapy dog in local healthcare facilities.