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Equipping the workforce with PPE is not inexpensive, but is a necessary investment much like other equipment. It also promotes company pride and it markets your business as well.

Safety is a 24 hour job around here. Not only do we sell safety apparel and supplies but we also are volunteers with our local fire company.

Over the past two years we decided to get into the safety apparel business after requests were increasing for a way to protect workers in the construction, utility and petrochemical industries.

Safety is part of our DNA


In the last several years we have come to understand the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for the American workforce. Our process began in 2018 and grew until we hit the year of the coronavirus where the general public became aware of how important this gear is. Whether you are speaking of hospital staff, emergency responders or general industry, there is always the need for some kind of PPE in the workplace.

Companies are tasked with maximizing profitability through their workforce. Equipping the workforce with PPE is not inexpensive, but is a necessary investment much like equipment. If a worker is injured on the job without proper PPE it will cost the company more through inspection downtime, fines, injury lawsuits, workers compensation claims, disability claims and even when work resumes you will be down one or more employees for sometimes months. In addition to the direct costs you have to weigh in on employee morale as this will plummet and cause work slowdowns as well. Reviewing all the costs associated with purchasing PPE for the workforce it is a minor comparative expense.

In addition to the  there is one other benefit which comes with supplying PPE to your workforce. Marketing. Your workforce becomes a walking billboard for your company and advertises everywhere they go, FOR FREE.


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