Looking ahead to 2020

Looking to the middle of this week we change years from 2019 to 2020.

When a new year dawns it brings with it the hopes and dreams for individuals, companies, countries and basically our whole world. While change can take place each day we arise as the day is new, a new year is different, it creates an actual date to have your world change.

In looking to our new year here at Formulations Products and Services LLC I see a bright future. Our focus, which changed last year, will continue to be our goal in 2020 with finalizing many projects and beginning utilizing our marketing company to market for us as well as clients.

It will be time consuming at first but we are optimistic that we will succeed as our drive and determination stems from the ever growing positivity within myself and the thirst to bring everyone on our team up to my level. In addition to this lofty goal, I will also set some professional bars for writing more for our social media accounts as well.

I look forward to the challenges ahead and I hope that I can bring a little positivity into your world as well.

Dennis 😉

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