BusinessCoachingConsultingOctober 31, 2020by admin0True Leaders

True leaders have a skill set not seen in most "management" positions today. True leaders are team members working with the team instead of outside of it.

Some say that true leaders are born but this is only partly true. Every person is born and has the capacity to be a true leader and break through the walls of resistance.

True leaders have the ability to change peoples perspectives through both words and actions. This can be good and bad as they can turn them to either good or bad directions. There have been leaders on either side of the equation throughout history. Genghis Khan, Nelson Mandella, Dr. Martin Luther King, Herb Kelleher and more.

True leaders inspire change.

These leaders have shown that they don’t just direct other people what to do but put themselves to task as well. This is something management has been missing for a long time and will be touched on in my team building blog.

When a true leader inspires people to change perspectives, peoples lives change even outside of their workplace. In this year of 2020 and the global pandemic going on we get a perfect example of good leaders and bad leaders. This does not limit itself to one country but globally.


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