BusinessConsultingSalesOctober 27, 2020by admin0What Does The Future Of Printing Look Like?

Printing has always continually changed through the years and now is no different. There is compression in the industry but it is still an exciting medium which is not going away anytime soon.

People like to hold things in their hands, they are excited to receive an item they can hold. For this reason print services will not go away anytime soon. While print services continue to evolve there will still be that cycle which will draw people to the simplicity of a printed piece which is not electronic. Whether touring a state park, going to a business networking event, trade show or out to eat there will be printed pieces there. Photos and banners which don’t hurt the eyes by sending blinding digital messages are in the mix as well.

The print industry has been going through a change over the last 25 years, compressing into fewer suppliers and manufacturing facilities. These factories are growing and growing fast and partly due to we folks at FPS Group and others like us. We believe in the value of printing and while there may be less we do than back in the 80’s and before, there is still plenty of work to be done.

Compression in the print industry is slowing. Factories are opening at a fantastic rate.

Our mission is to stay current and mold the printing industry into the modern world. People don’t really change generation to generation (they like to think they do). They still love the tactile feeling of items they can hold, read, utilize and write on.


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