Why don’t we have customer service?

This question goes to each and every one of us as individuals as well as the companies we work for.

Customer service starts with each employee working for a company. The company has no control over your attitude towards any customer and your ability to help them. It is your individual responsibility to help each customer no matter what and if you find that your other work is being affected by assisting customers, it is your department managers job to schedule enough workers to handle the workload. When the department manager does not have enough workers to handle working with customers along with other duties then it is the location managers job (GM, Store Manager, etc.) to get more staff to handle the workload.

Now one thing I have noticed is most of the staffing problem is the problem of the corporate management. Corporate management is like our congress, totally out of touch with the people.

I will set you up with an example. From my home, within a 10-mile radius there are 6 Home Depots, 3 Lowes and 8 Walmart’s. While I have not been to every location of each I can tell you that of the locations I have been to there is a lack of help to be found or knowledgeable staff to assist.

Corporations are in a hurry to be in every neighborhood in every corner but they hire minimal staff at each location instead of having a full staff at fewer locations. People get frustrated when they cannot find help when they need it and they leave. I am seeing more and more of this in my observations of retail locations that they not only miss out on the sale of the item the person came in for but on all the other items that the person would have purchased had they stayed in the store.

Something to think about and change in your business.

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